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Crown Appoints New Company Director

It has been announced that General Manager, Steve Rushton has been ‘crowned’ as a new company director for Crown SDS.

Commencing his role as general manager at the beginning of the first lockdown, Steve has helped the business to adapt its logistics strategy to meet the needs of our wide portfolio of Crown clients. That includes co-ordinating the business strategy to meet the needs of the healthcare sector during the first year of the pandemic.

We’re delighted to announce Steve’s appointment as the company Director. Despite the challenges triggered by the pandemic – the Company has continued to grow and has ambitious plans to expand further. Steve brings with him a wealth of experience in the logistics industry and will be an invaluable contributor to the success of the company’s strategy going forward.” Tim Seagers, Founder and Managing Director of Crown SDS.

Delivering seamless logistical solutions is at the forefront of Crown’s priorities – alongside ambitious future projects to support more self-employed driver-sole-traders and SMEs across the UK. Crown ensures that drivers of all levels of availability can join the Crown crew; offering flexible driver opportunities that sole-traders can collect to formulate their own work schedule to their convenience.

Outside of the driver partnership scheme, Crown promotes an “open, honest and transparent” workplace environment – Steve commenting that “autocratic businesses are breeding grounds for stressful work environments”.


Key COVID-19 Industry Insights

Steve has also shared his key insights on navigating through the challenges of the pandemic – prioritising both efficiency and safety for delivery drivers and clients across the UK.

Implementing alternative supply chain solutions has become an important factor when structuring contingency plans to fulfil consumer demand in the face of  future challenges” Steve Rushton, Director of Crown SDS Steve Rushton, Director of Crown SDS.

An element that the company has benefitted from is the integration of touchless-technology, even within a pre-pandemic landscape. By incorporating barcoding and scanning in the processes of your supply chain has allowed Crown to hit their triple-bottom-line.

From a logistical point of view, touchless technology helps to reduce spread of COVID-19 and ensures that both customers, drivers and warehouse operatives remain safe throughout the process. The speed of the barcoding system also reduces checkpoint queues, and lost revenue accumulated during waiting time. By minimising the waiting time, you also reduce the amount of fuel used, lowering your company’s carbon footprint.

Increasing the barcode-ability of your supply chain has also allowed Crown to reassure its clients by “being able to provide A to B visibility to our customers”. Clients can digitally track scanning success rates which will help you to identify areas in need of improvement. With barcoding, Crown have been able to measure the success rate of time-pressured deliveries so that they can be assured that they are effectively sharing the load.

Providing  visibility to our customers’ and to the end consumer is an essential part of assuring clients receive a tangible return on investment.” – Steve Rushton, Director of Crown SDS.

Seagers adds, “Steve’s appointment as general manager was pivotal in navigating the business through the challenges of the pandemic, helping to maintain a high-quality service to customers, despite an uplift across new sectors. As a director, his experience and knowledge across the logistics industry will be vital in supporting the business in achieving its ambitious growth plans.”

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