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Preparing for Peak Amid Pandemic

As we head into the third quarter of a challenging and eventful year for businesses, we consider what the rest of the year might have in store as we approach peak season. With the added anticipation of a second lockdown, the delivery sector is already preparing itself for unprecedented levels of demand.

Growth in Retail Courier Services

The pandemic-led lockdown of March 2020 created a shift in consumer buying that resulted in significant e-commerce growth. With consumer online spending increasing by 93% YOY, retail courier service providers were already operating at peak season levels by quarter two. And whilst the instruction to ‘stay home’ caused a huge spike in online shopping, the switch to home deliveries for essential items such prescriptions created a surge in demand for same day delivery services.

Planning for Uncertainty

With further restrictions announced by the Government, the delivery sector is working hard to plan for whatever future challenges may arise. Whilst the first lockdown saw the UK grind to a halt, it is clear the government are eager to minimise any further risk to the economy, by implementing measures that enable businesses to remain operational. As Boris Johnson insists, a second lockdown would be an economic “disaster” for the UK, businesses that were closed first time around are hoping that these new measures will allow them to continue trading for the foreseeable.

At Crown Couriers, we’re preparing for whatever the rest of the year might have in store. Throughout 2020 we strengthened our organisational structure and internal teams to ensure we can continue to provide 24-hour, expert support to our customers, at scale. Additionally, we have placed driver recruitment at the forefront, continuing to take on new resource throughout the COVID-crisis and growing our driver numbers in preparation for peak demand for same day delivery.

So, as we head towards Black Friday and Christmas, we’re confident that we can support the retail, e-commerce and parcel delivery sectors over a period that is poised to pose an exceptional challenge, as the number of people shopping online continues its rapid growth amid local lockdowns and the approach of flu season.

Supporting Recovering Sectors

For some sectors, the flexibility of delivery services will be crucial to enabling recovery. Figures published by the Office for National Statistics [ONS] show that the hospitality sector was worse hit than any other sector by the pandemic. Further closures could prove catastrophic. By implementing restrictions including reduced hours, rather than a full lockdown, will enable pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes to carry on trading and continue their recovery.

It’s a similar story for the retail sector. Bricks and mortar retailers competing with e-commerce vendors will need to ensure they can replenish stocks quickly and make product readily available for consumers. Efficient warehousing, logistics and just in time delivery all play a part in enabling retailers to adapt as the situation evolves. At Crown Couriers, our retail courier service is agile and can respond fast. We work with retailers to create same day solutions with wider operational windows and on-time collection and deliveries, accommodating for social distancing and adjusted opening hours.

As We Approach Peak

Preparing for peak season amid a pandemic requires careful and thoughtful planning from same day delivery providers. At Crown Couriers, we’ve focused our continued efforts on ensuring we have sufficient resource and expertise in place to continue to offer a value-added service for our customers.

So, as we start to approach the build up to peak over the coming weeks, we’re confident that we can continue to support our customers through the changing situation. Whether that’s further calls to support the healthcare sector, recovering sectors within manufacturing and hospitality, or the overwhelmed parcel delivery and e-commerce businesses needing a retail courier service.

If your business could use some additional support during peak, why not give us a call? Whether you’re looking for back-up vehicles to cater to unexpected demand, or you’re looking to completely overhaul your collection and delivery processes in order to operate more efficiently, we can support you. Call our team on 0330 333 4400.

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