Crown Launch SDS

Crown SDS have heavily invested in developing an industry leading (TMS) Transportation Management System. We are excited to launch ‘SDS’, the future of logistics. Our bespoke state of the art IT system designed & built by industry experts puts you in the driving seat.

‘SDS’ delivers real-time tracking, dynamic routing and vehicle optimisation including van fill capacity, advanced reporting and other powerful features to help streamline your operations and business processes. The system gives greater visibility coupled with proactive communications, achieved through a “leading” exceptions management dashboard, that enables increased operational focus. This will allow logistics operators to achieve an even greater level of customer satisfaction. The customer portal gives full transparency and visibility giving access to real time data with full tracking capability 24/7  365.

The ‘SDS’ TMS Uses algorithms and real time map data including highways England traffic information, post code route planner and multiple stop mapping to calculate multiple directions and determine the best, quickest and easiest-to-follow routes for our drivers.

Driver App is fully integrated with the ‘SDS’  TMS, delivering unmatched system uptime with tracking and security benefits, including a full dispatch and collection mobile communications workflow experience. giving customers peace of mind knowing your goods are secure using photo uploads through to barcode scanning and Sign on glass (SOG). The ‘Van fill’ feature helps with planning journeys and maximising load potential over the job life cycle.

The growth and evolution within the logistics sector is essential for ensuring the efficient and secure delivery of goods now and in the future. Lead the way using our SDS (TMS), streamlining deliveries with full visibility and transparency.

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