Importance of Asset Recovery & Safe Transportation of IT Goods

As a specialist IT technology computer courier service, we’re trusted by our customers in collecting and delivering consignments with the utmost security and care.

If you’re an IT manufacturer, or a business offering or requiring IT asset lifecycle services and you are looking to send fragile computing equipment from one destination to another, our dedicated IT courier service will ensure assets are transported with care and efficiency.

Asset Recovery

IT asset recovery and recycling often involves prolonging the usable life of data center servers, storage and network equipment by selling retired assets, or sending items for repair, data erasure or upgrades. 

Asset recovery or refurbishment can help maximise the value of IT assets by prolonging their lifecycle. And any equipment that is unwanted or unrepairable can be disposed of in a safe and ethical way, using a reputable asset recovery company who will prevent sensitive data from being leaked.

A reliable courier service is vital in ensuring assets are transported in a safe and secure way, either to a location where they can be repaired or cleansed and disposed of, ensuring equipment and the data stored are protected.

Safe Transportation

If you need computer equipment to be collected or delivered, you’ll want to have peace of mind by relying on a same-day courier service that you can trust, particularly if the equipment is specialist computer equipment which is of high-value and importance.

As computer equipment is often fragile, transportation will require careful planning and handling, which is why it can be even more critical to rely on a specialist courier service with experienced drivers and knowledgeable customer service teams. Whether it’s computer components, spare parts or larger electrical goods, these high-value goods must be handled carefully whilst in transit to protect them from any shock or vibrations that can occur. 

To ensure that your IT equipment reaches the correct destination and safely falls into the right hands, our dedicated delivery service will see your goods are protected from the point of collection through to delivery. Our drivers are highly-trained to deliver with the utmost security and will only deliver to a pre-agreed point of contact, where arranged. We’ve invested in technologies that enable you to track your consignment every step of the way, through our secure online customer portal and via dynamic text/email notifications, which provide instant, real-time 96+6+0updates on your consignment. 

We’re trusted by many businesses across the UK to collect and deliver a wide range of computer-related items such as laptops, CPU’s hard drives, HDD controllers, phones and chip & pin machines.

We Can Support With IT Technology Transportation

When it comes to information technology deliveries, time and security are of the highest concern. Our experience in working across a wide range of sectors makes us a knowledgeable and reliable logistics partner for businesses from a variety of industries. 

Whether your business needs to move IT equipment from one commercial location to another, or from an office to a residential address, Crown Couriers will provide a safe and reliable same day delivery service that you can rely on, time and time again.

Our drivers are security checked and highly trained, so you can be assured that your consignment is safe in our hands. For whatever your business needs, our experienced teams will work with you to create a bespoke service that meets your exact requirements. 

If you’d like to find out more about our information technology courier service, please get in touch with us.

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