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How-To Guide: Alloy Wheel Courier & Tyre Courier

As a trusted automotive courier service, we support dealerships, independent garages and car manufacturers across the UK with fast and efficient collections and deliveries. We support the distribution of a wide range of vehicle parts, from exhausts and engines to bumpers and bonnets, spare parts and components.

We coordinate the movement of these parts to enable a quick turnaround for professionals in the industry to handle vehicle servicing, repairs or maintenance and to provide a fast and efficient service for their customers.

Trucks and vehicles are constantly on the road. It’s no surprise that spare tyres and alloy wheels are some of the most common vehicle parts we distribute and deliver across the UK, using our alloy wheel courier and tyre courier service.

With any Crown SDS consignment, we’re here to provide advice, expertise and develop a bespoke solution to ensure safe and efficient collection and delivery. So, if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable same day courier for the collection and delivery of alloy wheels and tyres, Crown SDS can help. Here we provide some guidelines on our tyre and alloy wheel courier service.

Size Matters

Before you book a tyre or alloy wheel courier, make sure you have carefully noted down the weight and measurements of the consignment. Whilst the most commonly-sized alloy wheels are 15, 16 and 17 inch, an alloy for a 4×4 could be as large as 24 inch. Similarly, a set of truck tyres will be considerably larger, requiring more packaging and more space on a delivery vehicle.

If you are unsure, you can discover how to measure alloy wheels.

Protective Packaging

When distributing tyres, a specialist car parts courier will ensure your consignment is transported with complete care from the point of collection to its destination. Tyres can commonly be damaged with tears, bulges, cuts, nicks and bubbles, so ensuring that your tyres are safe in transit will prevent any unwanted damage to the structure of the tyre. If the structure is damaged, it’s recommended not to use the tyres as they will be deemed unsafe.

The automotive industry is in constant demand for specific components and parts and as such, some components may require specialised packaging solutions. Packaging is also closely linked to a company’s environmental objectives, where the focus may surround optimising transport and reducing unnecessary packaging. A dedicated courier service is ideal if your business is looking to become more efficient and make cost-savings. We optimise deliveries using dynamic routing software, meaning that we can eliminate unnecessary mileage. And through offering dedicated delivery, there’s less requirement for additional packaging.

If your consignment does require additional protective packaging, you could surround each tyre with several layers of protective film and further with cardboard if you are to protect it from any rare knocks or bangs in transit.

No Sharp Objects

Alloy wheels can be very easily scratched which will not only affect their appearance but will also devalue them. Tyres can also be punctured and ruptured by sharp objects which will make them unusable or make them weaker in certain areas if they haven’t fully burst. This can cause further unnecessary expenses in the future.

For this reason, no sharp objects or instruments are allowed in any consignments, unless they are packaged in a way that does not pose a threat to drivers, recipients or other items in transit.

Free of Petrol or Engine Oils

Any car or engine part sent by courier will need to be free of petrol or engine oils, as they will be considered hazardous and flammable. Petrol or engine oils could pose a potentially dangerous risk to others if these liquids leak through the packaging.

If car parts are not completely drained, cleaned and dry before being packaged up, your consignment may be refused by the driver.

Other Vehicle Parts You Can Send Via Courier

With a wide range of vehicles in our nationwide fleet, from small vans to XLWB vans, we can move any vehicle parts to and from any UK location. We have a demonstrated ability to provide fast and efficient delivery services from manufacturer to dealership, dealer to dealer and have developed bespoke solutions enabling manufacturers to deliver direct to trade independents.

We’re also proud to provide bespoke aftermarket logistics solutions for the automotive industry. As well as our tyre and alloy courier service, here are the following car parts which we do allow to be sent:

  • Tyres
  • Alloys
  • Bulbs and small components
  • Exhausts
  • Windows
  • Door panels
  • Car doors
  • Engine components
  • Other large components

For larger vehicle components, we utilise larger vehicles to provide collection and delivery of windows, door panels, bumpers and bonnets, which receive the utmost care for safe transportation across the UK. For heavier, larger or high-value components, we can arrange for two-man delivery to load and unload the vehicle with care.

It’s worth also considering which car parts you cannot send by courier.

Get in touch with us

Our reliable automotive courier service is tried and trusted by the automotive and manufacturing industry. Our dedicated automotive team specialise in coordinating the distribution of car parts, tyres, alloys and vehicle components (which includes anything from lightbulbs to exhausts) to dealerships and manufacturers across the UK.

Our experienced account managers specialise in finding the most efficient solution for businesses: from route planning and scheduling to on-site coordination. No matter what size or shape your car part, our wide range of vehicles will ensure safe and secure delivery across the UK. From exhausts and engines to bumpers and bonnets. 

If you’d like to find out more about our automotive courier service, please get in touch with us.

To see how satisfied our existing customers are, view our automotive case studies and discover our award-winning service.

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