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Collection & Delivery of High Value Manufacturing Components

When having high-value manufacturing components transported from one location to another, you’ll need to consider using a high-value item courier who will be able to handle the consignment with care, security and professionalism.

Our manufacturing and engineering courier service offers complete peace of mind for professionals working in the industry. We often support engineers with transporting components and parts they urgently require for repairs and servicing, with our rapid collection and delivery courier service. We collect the goods from manufacturers in a timely manner and will have it safely delivered to the engineer quickly, to avoid further disruption.

We focus on processes which add value and support our customers in cutting-out unnecessary waste or activities which do not add value. To offer delivery solutions to support manufacturers and engineers, our courier service allows them to work flexibly and be reactive, whilst helping them keep their costs low. Our same-day courier service reduces the strain on manufacturers to deliver spare parts to engineers, whilst driving efficiency for engineers to provide them with the parts as soon as possible.

This guide explains the steps we take to support professionals in the manufacturing and engineering industry when efficiency, time and cost-savings are of the highest concern.

Meeting Demand

When engineers require spare parts for repairs and servicing, it’s important for manufacturers to be able to meet demand so that the goods arrive safely and rapidly. We deliver parts urgently to engineers, which means should any systems fail, we play a vital part in getting them up and running again.

As a same-day courier service, we support manufacturers delivering high-valued parts to engineers, so that they’re able to carry out the work to get back on track. Depending on your requirements, with our variety of bespoke courier solutions, we can have these goods delivered on the same-day, overnight, from the UK to Europe, the Channel Islands and Ireland or even provide secure storage solutions.

We can ensure that demand is met with our fast and responsive delivery, with a wide range of vehicles based across the country. Whether it’s machinery, spare parts or urgent components, these goods can be collected within 60 minutes of the collection being requested.

As an example, we recently supported the UK’s largest gas distribution network in providing emergency supplies of spare parts for engineers to use. The gas distribution network suffered from unplanned gas outages, which unfortunately resulted in major disruption for thousands of people around the UK. The repairs needed to be carried out as quickly as possible to reduce downtime, however, spare parts were needed to carry out the repairs, which we successfully delivered on the same-day.

Secure Online Tracking

With valuable equipment, comes a responsibility to keep the equipment safe at all times. This is why we have invested in an enhanced ETA communication technology to provide you with real-time updates on the status of your consignment. 

This secure online tracking provides a full audit trail with 24 hour access to track our fully traceable drivers on their pre-planned routes, which is essential in scheduling emergency repairs.

This online tracking system lets you know exactly where your delivery is, so that if you’re the recipient of the high-valued goods, you’ll know when to expect the delivery at its estimated time of arrival.

Dedicated Account Manager

It’s understandable that some engineers and manufacturers may be uncertain when using a courier service to deliver high-valued goods. We ensure all parties remain in the loop with the status of the consignment, which is why we use a dedicated customer service team who have a responsibility to handle all communications and aid in the route planning, so that your goods can arrive on time. 

Every customer also has a dedicated account manager that will regularly hold account reviews to discuss KPI’s and ensure we continue to deliver the very best customer service. Not only will they be able to ensure your confidence during every step, but they also take the time to fully understand your requirements.

Carefully Handled

When transporting high-valued goods, it’s critical to carefully handle them, all the way from collection through to delivery. For bulkier items or for goods of high value, we use a two-man service to be able to transport more easily and carefully.

When transporting much larger goods, we can source larger vehicles at short notice from our heavy haulage suppliers that we have partnerships with – meaning that you’ll be able to meet your ad-hoc delivery requirements.

For more information on packaging, please take a look at our guide which explains how to carefully package fragile items

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Our manufacturing and engineering courier service offers complete peace of mind for professionals working in the industry who are searching for an efficient solution to transporting machinery and parts. The strain on engineers and manufacturers to keep machinery and equipment in full working order can be significantly reduced with our fast and reliable same-day service.

In order to equip our customers with the right parts to make repairs quickly, our emergency courier service is vital. Our control centre is manned 24/365 meaning that we provide a fast and reliable response to emergency delivery requests. 

When it comes to deliveries, efficiency, time and cost savings are of the highest concern, which is why we aim to utilise technology to offer fast and reliable delivery across the manufacturing and engineering industry.

If you’d like to find out more about our high-value item courier service, please get in touch with us.

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