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Choosing a Legal Document Courier Service

Legal documents, including contracts, deeds, court papers, passports and legal tenders needing to be transported from one location to another will require a specialist legal document courier service. However, choosing a legal document courier service can be a difficult task, as you will need to choose a reliable and trusted courier service with expertise in transporting confidential documentation. 

Care should be taken to ensure legal documents and any other documents containing sensitive information, including financial paperwork, are not handled by an unreliable courier. You will want a service that is reliable, trustworthy, offers the best service and also facilitates the tracking of the consignment every step of the way.

At Crown SDS, our route planning systems, time-critical courier service, secure online booking and trackable consignments allow us to cater for more specific requirements from our legal clients. Our security-cleared drivers are widely-known to provide familiarity and assurance to our clients who use our courier services to transport their legal documents with a personal experience that they can trust with a guaranteed, trustworthy and secure network.

Trackable Service

For legal documents, you will want a trackable service that makes it possible for you to view the real-time status of your consignment all the way from booking, right through to collection and then delivery, using GPS delivery tracking. Whether you are moving documents from or to courts, prisons, law firms or residential addresses, you’ll want complete confidence your consignment is in safe hands.

Our electronic POD system reduces the requirement for physical documentation with our ‘sign on glass’ solution. This provides more reliable information on exactly when the consignment reached its destination and means that you’ll be able to see exactly who has signed for it as soon as it has arrived, giving you complete visibility of your documents.

A Time-Critical Service

With the delivery of legal documents, there may be a strict requirement to collect and deliver in a time-critical manner so that it can reach its destination as soon as possible.

From tenders and contracts, to court papers and financial documents we have the expertise to handle sensitive paperwork and ensure safe and timely delivery. Even throughout the night, we are on hand to ensure any time-critical documents or parcels arrive on time. Offering the same high-level of customer service out of hours is our priority, with our 24 hour courier service.

Our promise is that from the moment you book a consignment with us, we’ll be at the collection point within 60 minutes, making it possible for the consignment to reach its destination on the very same working day. We even use dynamic routing software to ensure we offer speedier delivery times and a most efficient service.

Secure Online Booking

When scheduling a courier service to transport legal documents, you will want a booking system that is quick, easy and reliable to use. With our secure online portal, your legal documents can be safely scheduled for collection with a security-cleared, DBS checked driver and your dedicated trusted point of contact at Crown SDS will be made aware of the booking.

This dedicated point of contact is on hand at all times to ensure that the booking remains secure and that any concerns or questions are promptly handled. Our team is trained to maintain a high level of communication to ensure that all of our customers are kept up to date with the progress throughout.

Other Professional Services We Have Supported

We have provided support to banks, accountants, government departments, schools and law firms in carrying their sensitive documents or parcels to and from multiple locations, whether it be to head offices, between branches or to their own clients. We’re also trusted by local councils, authorities and governing bodies as a document courier service.

Our long-standing reputation as a trusted partner and legal document courier to the legal and professional services sector has been built on almost three decades of transparency, honesty, integrity and a proven track record for getting it right the first time. 

As an example, we are trusted by well-known examination boards to handle exam papers and transport them to and from schools around the country. This requires a high level of trust as the exam papers must remain confidential before and after the exam has taken place. Even though exam papers are not legal documents, they must be treated as sensitive and confidential. Our document delivery service is able to ensure the examination papers, whether boxed or palletised, are accounted for until they reach the exam board.

We also offer a reliable sameday courier service to banks, building societies and financial houses across the UK, in providing inter-branch deliveries, urgent movement of cheques, client documentation and any other confidential paperwork or items.

Get In Touch With Crown SDS

When it comes to professional delivery service, sensitivity and confidentiality are of the highest concern. Our experience in working across a wide range of sectors makes us a knowledgeable and reliable logistics partner for businesses from a variety of industries.

Passionate about innovation, we have the capability to develop systems and processes to suit the needs of any sector. Our drivers are carefully selected and appropriately trained for the specific requirements of the role, enabling us to meet the bespoke needs of businesses with varying demands.

If you’d like to find out more about our professional document courier service, please get in touch with us.

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