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What Is Automotive Aftermarket Logistics?

The automotive aftermarket is now booming more than ever before, with more than 75% of adults holding a full UK driving licence which we see increase year-on-year. Of course, this means that more automotive parts are needed to keep cars on the road. This has generated fantastic growth and revenue opportunities for automotive suppliers and manufacturers.

With a wide range of vehicles in our fleet, we are able to provide a variety of reliable automotive courier services to garages, dealerships, manufacturers and car part retailers. By supporting the distribution and movement of parts for the automotive aftermarket sector, we are able to provide the rapid and safe delivery of car parts with a fast turnaround of vehicles needing to be serviced or repaired.

In this blog, we explain exactly how Crown SDS support in meeting expectations within the automotive aftermarket industry using our tailored logistics and bespoke car parts courier service.

What Does Automotive Aftermarket Mean?

When a vehicle is serviced or repaired by a car dealership, the parts supplied are known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) meaning they are genuine parts supplied by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Whilst under warranty, motorists have very little choice over how their vehicle is serviced or repaired, as most warranties stipulate that a vehicle must be taken to a genuine dealership to be fitted with a genuine (OEM) part. After this period of time, motorists have much more flexibility to visit a garage or automotive shop of their choice to select a part from a variety of different brands, this is known as the ‘automotive aftermarket’.

With an effective logistical solution, garages and automotive shops can give their customer access to both aftermarket parts and genuine OEM parts quickly, giving motorists the choice of where they service their vehicle and which part they choose to purchase for their vehicle.

The automotive aftermarket continuously evolves to meet customer expectations and the acceleration of innovation. With more and more drivers every year, this increases the demand for spare car parts, car accessories and motor vehicle components in order to keep cars safe on the road.

As an automotive courier service, we aim to support the automotive industry by providing a speedy service whereby customers are now able to gain access to these parts either on the same day or next day. Our advanced logistics have given manufacturer’s the opportunity to reshape the way that automotive suppliers and other aftermarket companies are able to operate.

Our Dealer Satisfaction

Spare car parts and components are usually needed by garages and dealerships as a matter of urgency, so many of these automotive businesses find it more efficient to use a specialist automotive courier service who can provide a range of reliable and time-critical services. These can include ad hoc same-day delivery and scheduled drops where deliveries to a number of dealerships can be scheduled to arrive at a given time.

As a professional car part couriers, we truly understand the importance of providing a fast automotive parts collection and delivery service to enable dealerships, manufacturers and garages to get cars back on the road sooner, particularly as most of the car parts we ship are used for vehicle repairs or servicing.

With an excellent record for automotive deliveries arriving on time, we have become a trusted partner within the automotive industry as we continue to support the distribution of exhausts, engines, bumpers, bonnets, wheels, tyres, spare parts and many other vehicle components.

Our Recent Efforts

While we specialise in same day UK collection and delivery with our nationwide courier service, we have recently gone that extra mile to meet the needs of a major automotive dealer who required a very specific and tailored approach to their dealership’s trade sales.

We have since been able to increase efforts to efficiently manage vehicle parts collections from main sites and deliver to dealerships across Bristol and the Avonmouth region, all within a two-hour window. By implementing three daily delivery waves, we have been able to support automotive branches in ordering vehicle parts to arrive exactly when their customers need them.

Using dynamic route planning, we are also able to implement an efficient and effective process so that when the cut-off point for placing automotive orders is reached, our drivers are allocated optimised routes which detect current and imminent traffic and aim to reduce unnecessary mileage.

We even provide a dynamic estimated time of arrival to provide information about the status of a consignment, allowing the Bristol dealership to access regular delivery updates. This widely supports scheduled automotive deliveries that must arrive at an agreed time. 

With the efforts of our same-day delivery, we have even been able to provide an award-winning solution to support a Northamptonshire-based automotive client who has since received excellent feedback from their customers.

How Can We Help?

Our reliable automotive courier service is tried and trusted by the automotive and manufacturing industry. Our dedicated automotive team specialise in coordinating the distribution of automotive parts including tyres, alloys and even transporting heavy vehicle components (which includes anything from lightbulbs to exhausts) to dealerships, from dealer to dealer and to trade independents across the UK.

Our experienced account managers specialise in finding the most efficient solution for businesses: from route planning and scheduling to on-site coordination. No matter what size or shape your car part, our wide range of vehicles will ensure safe and secure delivery across the UK.

If you’d like to find out more about our automotive courier service, please get in touch with us. Or if you would like to see how happy our existing customers are, take a look at our automotive case studies.

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