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Auto Part Delivery – Keeping Britain’s Trucks Trucking

Current fuel supply issues are wreaking havoc in forecourts across the UK, but you wont have the think back too far to when consumer panic caused supermarket shelves to empty of toilet paper.

Whilst the root cause of both of these headlines is distinguishable, the supply of other necessities we rely on daily would quickly deplete if it were not for the heavy commercial vehicles that continually travel up and down our country’s roads.

From the refrigerated trucks delivering fresh produce and medication, to the fuel tankers carrying petrol, diesel and milk and the consumer lorries moving the A-to-Z of essentials that keep our supermarket shelves full; commercial trucks are integral to the UK’s shipping, logistics and transport industries.

In 2019, Britain’s heavy goods vehicles collectively travelled 17.4 bvm (billion vehicle miles) across its towns, cities and rural roads. After continual wear and tear, it’s important for any company or individual that runs HGV fleets, to consider the frequent repair, servicing and maintenance of its vehicles. Regular servicing ensures trucks are sufficiently managed to reduce downtime and it means faults can be identified and rectified before costly breakdowns occur.

The Challenge of Maintaining HGV’s

Naturally, HGV’s (heavy goods vehicles) and LGV’s (large goods vehicles) require bigger and bulkier parts to keep them running. Whilst auto repair centres endeavour to keep the most commonly required parts in stock, such as brake pads, bulkier vehicle parts do create a bigger challenge when it comes to storage space.

Auto parts such as tyres and alloys, bumpers and panels are all much larger in size when manufactured to be fitted to lorries, in comparison to cars and vans. Even smaller components such as mirrors and headlamps are comparatively larger, so demand more space when it comes to storage and transportation.

Auto Part Delivery for HGV’s

As a car parts courier service, at Crown SDS we truly understand the need to ensure vehicles get back on the road more quickly – and none more important than our vital driving force of HGV’s.

Whether you are an automotive parts manufacturer looking for an auto part delivery solution to dealerships or independent repair centres, or a dealership wanting to streamline your current vehicle parts delivery process, you’ll benefit from our automotive aftermarket solutions.

Crown SDS can move everything from alloy wheels and tyres, to engines and exhausts, and will solve your auto part delivery challenges by:

  • Reducing The Need For Storage

By moving vehicle parts using a more accurate, cost-effective and rapid delivery solution, dealerships and vehicle repair centres can deliver a high level of service without the need for vast storage space and high inventory of parts.

The need for storage of vehicle parts is based upon having quick and easy access to parts, to maximise uptime and ensure vehicles spend minimal time off the road – lengthy waits for parts delivery is simply not a viable option.

However, if delivery of truck parts can be carried out ‘just-in-time’, it reduces the need for storage and means that heavy automotive repair centres can have rapid access to parts when they are needed, through a vehicle parts delivery service.

  • Minimising shop time

Anyone responsible for maintaining a fleet of HGV’s, or as a freelance HGV driver, you’ll know that the time a vehicle spends off the road is income down the drain.

The ultimate goal is to minimise both planned and unplanned downtime and ensure vehicles spend as little time off the road as possible.

Crown SDS offers an dedicated delivery service that provides scheduled and same day delivery of parts. This key service allows HGV repair centres to better coordinate the scheduling of work according to the arrival parts.

  • Improving Customer Service

With Crown SDS, our auto parts delivery comes with a high level of communications and full vehicle tracking, allowing dealerships to better plan their workload, whilst also keeping their customers in the loop about the status of their vehicle.

Additionally, same day delivery gives faster access to parts arriving from manufacturers, offering a more rapid and far superior service to customers whose vehicles are awaiting repair.

How We Support Auto Parts Deliveries

At Crown SDS, we support the heavy automotive aftermarket sector by coordinating truck part collection and deliveries, from one dealership to another and to trade independents. Our experienced account managers will work with your business to create the most efficient automotive parts delivery service for you.

By incorporating dynamic route planning and lean manufacturing principles, we can offer delivery of truck parts more efficiently and cost effectively, to businesses.

If you are looking to discover more about vehicle parts delivery, whether you need a lorry, van or car parts couriercontact us at Crown SDS.

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