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Same Day Courier Service Using Dynamic Routing Software

Dynamic route planning, also known as ‘dynamic routing’ is a well-recognised strategy for efficient fleet management and is key in meeting the increasing demand from customers or clients for a responsive delivery on-demand. If you’re looking for a same day courier service to meet the demand of your customers, dynamic routing will allow you to have greater flexibility and will allow you to better respond to the requests of your partners or customers.

As a scheduled courier service, we use dynamic routing to schedule consignments throughout the UK in order to streamline our day-to-day courier operations. This allows us to improve efficiency and reduce costs for our partners through delivering via the most direct route and avoiding traffic delays.

In this article, we take a look at how dynamic route planning allows us to offer a bespoke courier service and how this can make a difference to businesses who decide to use Crown SDS to safely deliver a consignment.

Optimised Delivery Schedules

With a  same day delivery service, we can optimise multi-drop routes where delivering multiple consignments in the most time-effective and efficient manner. This is ideal if, for example, an automotive manufacturer requires us to safely deliver a number of car parts to various dealerships and independent garages throughout the UK.

Unlike standard static routing, dynamic routing automatically updates delivery schedules in the most efficient way to enable us to offer more for our customers, with the ability to schedule our fleet holistically, ensuring routes are coordinated in the most effective manner. 

Deliveries can be sorted in a logical order, assigning jobs to drivers in a way that makes most sense, in order to create an optimised delivery schedule which saves time and improves utilisation.

Reactive to Current Traffic

For any manufacturer, supplier, retailer or distributor, having an accurate arrival time for a delivery is most often critical, otherwise, processes can be slowed down, demand will not be met and it can put a strain on partnerships with other businesses.

This is why many businesses require a proactive courier service which uses routing software to remain reactive to current and expected traffic issues, whilst reducing potential delays. This would take into account routes which generally see large numbers of traffic at set times, as well as unexpected traffic which could have potentially delayed the consignment from reaching its destination on time. 

Our route planning software adapts to last-minute changes according to where there is minimal traffic on the route. It takes these factors into account in order to produce the best routes and successfully achieve fast response times for our same day courier service.

Efficient Fleet Management

Dynamic routing is a well-recognised strategy used for efficient fleet management. It means that every driver in the Crown SDS fleet will be informed in real-time of any changes to the route for a more efficient and flexible journey.

It takes the hassle away from manually planning and coordinating a scheduled delivery, meaning that our fleet of drivers are able to deliver a consignment more rapidly, which results in fewer unplanned stops and reduced mileage.

Respond to Client Requests

Dynamic routing also helps us to better respond to the requests of our partners and their customers by having a scheduled delivery time whereby the exact time of delivery is agreed and is best suited for all parties involved. 

Whilst our trained fleet of drivers operate 24/7 delivery, 365 days a year, this means that if you require a delivery to arrive at an exact time, we can have it delivered on time, every time.

Better Decision Making

Our software can provide us with information to make the right decisions at the right time, by assisting with day-to-day operations and decision making. This, therefore, saves time, money and maximises efficiency in order to respond to client requests as quickly and effectively as possible.

This decision making helps us plan efficient routes, which therefore minimises driving time and distances in-between each destination, by making it much easier for us to make better choices regarding routes. It also means that fuel efficiency, maintenance and other expenses are better managed than ever before.

Excellent Customer Service

Using dynamic route planning software, we are able to offer excellent customer service through our bespoke courier service, delivering a consignment as quickly and efficiently as possible by taking into account the customers’ individual requirements. 

It also means that we can provide a more accurate estimated time of arrival for each delivery, making it much easier to understand how soon you can carry on with your day-to-day operations. This not only offers excellent customer service for you but it also means that your customers are happy with the speedy customer service you are offering.

A Bespoke Courier Service

Dynamic routing software is the key in the day-to-day streamlining of your fleet planning operations. As a same day courier service, routes can be configured and planned using dynamic routing software, which ensures that the fastest and most cost-effective route is achieved.

Save time by letting us schedule and manage your deliveries. The timing of our scheduled deliveries is essential, which is why we have invested in technology which provides ETA’s via email or text, advises you when the goods are out for delivery, traffic issues, an estimated time for delivery, and so much more.

When it comes to deliveries, efficiency, time and cost savings are of the highest concern, which is why we aim to utilise technology to offer fast and reliable delivery across the manufacturing and engineering industry.

If you’d like to find out more about our courier service, please get in touch with us.

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