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Best Vehicle For Self-Employed Courier Work: Driver Top Picks

Whether you’re already working as a courier driver or you’re looking to become a self-employed courier, you’ll need to find a suitable vehicle that can reliably operate as the main tool for your trade.

We teamed up with consumer delivery service SoonAs to conduct a poll of the top vehicles for courier work – with responses from many professional courier drivers from within our network.

Here are their top 5 vehicles for self-employed courier work:

5. Renault Master

According to our poll, the fifth most popular vehicle for self-employed courier work is the Renault Master.

Described by one voter as one of few “genuine commercial vehicles” for courier work, the Renault Master has “consistently been one of the top five best-selling vans in the UK over the past 10 years, thanks to its low retail price, excellent warranty and productivity”.

4. Vauxhall Vivaro

Coming in at number four is the only van still built in Britain – the Vauxhall Vivaro.

Aside from supporting the “Buy British” movement, there are plenty of features that make the Vivaro the perfect choice for carrying out courier work.

Voted 2020 and 2021 medium van of choice by Parkers, the Vivaro boasts an impressive fuel economy, strong engine and high payload ratings.

Although Parkers did score the Vivaro down on comfort, a result of its “cramped cab and an off-set driving position”. When choosing the best vehicle for courier work, comfort is a big factor for those many hours spent on the road. But if comfort is key for you, don’t rule the Vivaro out straight away. Your best option is to try one out and see how it suits you!

3. Peugeot Boxer

Fuel consumption was voted the top feature that drivers look for when choosing the best vehicle for courier work – understandable, with the cost of fuel still rising and self-employed couriers trying to maintain their earnings.

Voted third in our poll, the Peugeot Boxer scored highly as being “good on fuel”, making it an excellent choice for helping drivers to retain more of their earnings.

The Boxer was also noted to be incredibly reliable, which is essential. Time spent off the road is incredibly costly for a freelance driver.

2. Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit van has consistently been one of Britain’s best-selling vans. Since its release in 2012, the Ford Transit Custom model has remained firmly at top of the charts.

Voted “best for driver comfort”, the Custom scored highly on its features such as its useful
storage components – ideal for discreet storage of small items or larger items
such as moving tools or equipment. There’s also a highly adjustable seat and an
upright dashboard for added comfort, accommodating any driver. 

The Custom also comes with some pretty impressive optional driver assist technology including ‘Traffic Sign Recognition’ and ‘Adaptive Cruise Control’ – voted a must-have for comfort when working long hours on the road!

There are plenty of practical features within the Custom for those working on-the-go – a fold-out cup holder (essential for those long days and nights), with the ability to fold the seats to make way for a desk to house a laptop – enabling you to organise your workload while you travel. 

1. Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Overwhelmingly popular, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter was voted the top choice of van in our poll of UK self-employed courier drivers.

Especially good for “big work”, the Sprinter is the largest of the Mercedes Benz van range, available in four lengths and two height variations. It also benefits from its availability in both front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive – meaning it is suited to a multitude of drivers and all types of road surface/condition that could be encountered throughout the year.

A good balance of features enhance both the performance and practicality of the Sprinter; with a refined powertrain for better engine power, excellent reliability over time (with excellent servicing options) and running cost efficiency – vital when you rely on a vehicle for your earnings.

With such excellent options and features, it is easy to see why the Sprinter is the van of choice for many courier drivers. In fact, as one driver put it, he would choose “the Mercedes Sprinter all day [long]”.

Top Features of a Vehicle For Courier Work

When searching for the best vehicle to operate courier work with, you’ll want to consider these top factors as compiled by those working in the industry:

·         Reliability

·         Fuel Consumption

·         Size of Vehicle

·         Comfort

·         Security Features

It’s also important to note that whilst having a suitable van is important, it is you – the “person behind the wheel” – that is the most important factor in the success of your career.


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