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Rise In ‘Pandemic Pets’ Leads to Strain on Veterinary Sector

Over the few years, thousands of pet owners have purchased puppies, kittens and other small animals at highly inflated prices and without the recommended health checks or pre-purchase viewings, research has found. And, according to The Kennel Club, 1 in 4 new owners admit to buying a puppy during the COVID-19 lockdown with very little research

As puppy farms and importing pets from other countries is on the rise (almost 25% of pandemic puppy buyers admit they could have inadvertently bought their puppy from a puppy farm), this can lead to a large variety of health problems that veterinarians are struggling to keep up with in relation to urgent diagnosis and treatment.

A recent report published by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has highlighted the strain that will continue to be placed on veterinarians for years to come, as a result of the so-called ‘pandemic pet phenomenon’. As demand for veterinary services soars, an efficient logistical solution could be invaluable for veterinarians who already juggle many areas of their operation, freeing them up to treat and diagnose more of their customer’s pets.

Crown SDS operate a nationwide veterinary courier service which is on hand to provide same-day delivery for veterinarians and veterinary hospitals in order to move diagnostic equipment, biopsies, vaccines & consumables and so much more.

React To Early Warning Signs

Whilst many pets may be seemingly healthy at the offset, inexperienced owners, in particular, may not initially see any warning signs that a pet has underlying or inherited health conditions – a rising issue we may see grow amid the worrying trend of importing puppies and puppy farming. As health issues begin to manifest over the coming years, diagnostic equipment will be vital to ensure medical problems are identified quickly.

Transporting Veterinary Equipment

Equipment such as endoscopes, X-ray machines and ultrasound equipment can all help to identify issues such as gastrointestinal and orthopaedic diseases. With high-tech, advanced equipment on hand to get to the root of the problem, veterinarians can quickly treat animals for the best possible outcome.

We always ensure accurate timing when it comes to collection and delivery of medical equipment – when equipment is required for diagnostics, chemotherapy or surgery, timing is critical. When schedules fail to run on time, the implications can be costly. 

We’re even able to coordinate the movement of shared equipment between veterinary sites, with our access to larger vehicles for moving heavy equipment

Not only do Crown SDS support suppliers and veterinary equipment manufacturers with the same-day delivery of equipment, but we also support technical engineers on-site and with the collection and delivery of parts for servicing and repair. When key equipment breaks down on site, operations and diagnostic tests may have to be cancelled or delayed, which is far from an ideal outcome. An efficient veterinary logistics service could be vital in getting equipment back up and running quickly and enable treatment to resume – leading to the best possible outcome for poorly pets.


Specimen and Bloods Collection

When sending pathology samples, such as blood samples, biopsy samples (tissue) and bodily fluids, for diagnosing disease in sick pets, keeping track of collections and deliveries can be challenging. By using a veterinary courier service that offers a trackable service and real-time communications, you’ll save time and be spared the worry of samples becoming lost or delayed, something that can be disastrous for sick animals in urgent need of diagnosis in order to provide the necessary treatment and care.

Through our medical courier service, we handle blood samples and tissue collection and deliveries with the utmost care and attention using fully trained and DBS checked drivers. And we are second to none when it comes to providing a trusted service that prioritises the urgent diagnosis and care of animals.

So, whether you need a scheduled service for your regular hospital to laboratory sample movements, or you need an urgent specimen collection and delivery on an ad-hoc basis, you can rely on Crown SDS to provide urgent deliveries and collections. We even offer a rapid collection of samples from farms for equine and livestock sample delivery to laboratories.

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Veterinary Logistics

As a veterinarian, does arranging the logistics of moving samples, equipment and medication take you away from your core role of caring for patients?

This is why it is critical to have a courier service that can provide total veterinary logistics solutions for veterinarians to keep up with the demand of pets becoming ill.

With our veterinary courier service, leave us to deal with the legwork, freeing you up to manage what goes on within your practice.

Whether you manage a veterinary practice, or manufacture and supply veterinary equipment and are looking to improve efficiencies within your supply chain, why not request a quote or get in touch.

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