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Logistical Expertise Vital to Maintenance of Renewable Energy Facilities

As reliance upon renewable energy sources grows, specialist logistical support is relied upon by engineers responsible for maintenance of equipment, to ensure they can carry out servicing and repairs efficiently.

A reliable utility courier service can ensure engineers have the parts they need, available when they need them.

What is a renewable energy source?

Renewable energy accounted for a quarter of the UK’s electricity supply in 2020, according to key industry sources. And with plans to increase consumption of renewable energy accelerating at speed, renewable sources are now set to make up half of the UK’s electricity generation by 2022.

Consisting of solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass, renewable energy is sustainable and comes from our most abundant resources such as sunlight, wind and water. A cleaner alternative to powering our planet, renewable energy sources are helping us on our way to becoming less carbon reliant in the future.

Not only does renewable energy present a wealth of benefits in terms of being cleaner and greener for the planet, but it is also the most affordable form of energy and is comparatively low-cost to install in relation to its carbon-counterpart. So, it is no surprise that development is hugely on the rise in the UK.

As the UK drives forward with plans for increasing its reliance on renewable energy sources, the pressure is on to support & maintain the growing number of offshore and onshore wind turbines and solar power generating facilities. This relies on having a specialist parts logistics operation that can handle the need to have both scheduled and ad hoc same-day courier support.

Planned Maintenance

Onshore wind turbines provide the lowest-cost form of renewable energy – that’s cheaper than gas, coal, nuclear and even the other renewables. But, like any other major piece of equipment, turbines require significant investment from the offset. And just like servicing a car, investors will want to ensure regular maintenance is carried out to extend the life of each unit and keep them running efficiently.

Planned maintenance will include servicing of the gearbox and bearings within the turbine, checking the hydraulic systems and replacing any filters or bolts. With over 10,500 turbine units across the UK, a significant amount of planning and preparation is required to ensure maintenance is carried out as regularly as twice per year for each turbine, and that’s not including unplanned repairs.

Using our scheduled courier service enables us to handle all of the planning and distribution management for you, so we can ensure parts are collected and delivered exactly when they need to be. We plan and optimise all scheduled routes using efficient routing and dynamic notifications – so you’ll have reliable communications about the whereabouts and arrival time of your parts.

utility engineers carrying out maintenance on wind turbines
Ad Hoc Engineer Support

The stress and strain turbines withstand from handling extreme loads, means that components will fail from time to time and parts will need replacing quickly, to ensure the equipment is back up and running at its highest capacity and level of efficiency. An emergency courier service can be vital in reducing downtime of turbines and other equipment.

Ad hoc repair of turbines can be extremely challenging, due to the remoteness of most onshore wind farms and the sheer size of the turbines, which makes it a time-consuming job for engineers to access faulty components.

Our 24-hour courier service means we’re always able to support with collecting and delivering vital parts that engineers require, day and night. Even to the most remote locations across the UK.

And with our reliable and timely delivery service, you can schedule work to happen more accurately, knowing the parts will arrive on time. We offer full tracking and ETA notifications to ensure you have the most up to date information regarding your component delivery service.

Our same-day courier service is here to support you whether you need an urgent parts delivery or a more complex logistical solution for your complete parts maintenance.

Warehousing & Parts Storage

Through our 11,500 sq ft central UK warehousing facility, we offer spare parts warehousing and distribution that offers renewable energy providers an efficient solution for storage and overnight distribution of essential parts.  Manned 24 hours, 365 days a year, our efficient parts storage facility provides the ideal solution for unplanned maintenance when an emergency courier service might be required.

Our seamless service offers you the complete supply chain logistical solution with full distribution management, inventory management and complete tracking service. So you’ll always be able to schedule work efficiently.

How Can We Help?

Our same-day courier service has been vital in helping utility businesses to overcome their issues of downtime and repair work and has been a critical component for renewable energy providers.

If you’d like to find out more about our utility courier service, please get in touch with us.

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