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Trackside Repairs With Rapid Parts Delivery

Ahead of the Refocusing the Railway seminar, to be held in London’s IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) on 20th October, Crown SDS discusses its same day courier service for rail engineers. Supporting the Government’s plan to transform British railways, we offer logistical support and parts delivery service for infrastructure repair, maintenance and overdue technology upgrades.

Planned Rail Maintenance

An essential ingredient in the successful running of a railway is a well-oiled system, that is frequently maintained and kept in full working order. A railway left to deteriorate through lack of sufficient maintenance, can become unreliable, unsafe and ultimately lead to unquantifiable expenses.

The most vulnerable part of a railway system is its rolling stock which, within the railway transport industry, refers to its railway vehicles including both passenger and freight units. If maintenance to rolling stock is neglected, resulting in a train break-down, it can immediately become problematic and costly for rail operators. Particularly if a stalled unit causes disruption to services and delays lead to disgruntled passengers.

Aftermarket Parts Delivery

Maintenance of rolling stock, whether corrective or preventative, is essential to preserve and extend the condition and life of each unit. Choosing the right supply-chain partner for your parts distribution will have a significant impact on not only minimising downtime, but also on supporting the wider goals of your business; including meeting ever-tightening time scales, lowering of costs and increasing efficiencies.

Crown SDS’ parts delivery service, offers a collaborative approach to support railway maintenance, working with customers to collect and deliver parts to meet maintenance windows with our same day courier solutions. Our scheduled courier service can collect parts and components from multiple suppliers and deliver to maintenance sites, reaching rail engineers with the right parts, exactly when and where they are required.

Integrated IT Solutions for a Seamless Service

Helping businesses in the UK rail sector keep a better grasp of their budgets, Crown SDS create bespoke parts delivery solutions, applying lean techniques with the utmost efficiency in mind.

Through continually investing in technology, we’ve been able to deliver an increased level of service, flexibility and communications to our customers, including complete visibility of their parts en-route via our live GPS tracking and dynamic text/email notifications.

With Crown SDS, you’ll have full confidence that your parts will be collected and delivered the same-day, to meet your requirements. And using route optimisation we schedule our fleet holistically to coordinate routes in the most effective manner – reducing unnecessary mileage, traffic issues and ultimately, driving cost savings for our customers.

Emergency Trackside Repairs

Even with the best laid maintenance plans in place, there’s still a chance that rail parts will fail and cause an emergency breakdown situation. When such instances may occur, it’s important to have a contingency in place to ensure that trackside repairs can be carried out quickly, to ensure railway vehicle are on the move again.

A same day courier service from Crown SDS will offer a rapid, 24-hour response to your urgent delivery requirements; collecting your parts and components and delivering directly to the engineer on-site, any time of the day or night.

With our nationwide courier service and with over 2,000 vehicles operating across the UK, we can reach the collection point within 60-minutes for a fast response and urgent parts delivery service.

Why Choose Crown SDS?

Discover a rail parts courier that supports both the short-term and the long-term goals of your business. Crown SDS create a logistical solution that focuses on delivering efficiencies and improving service, whilst also rapidly responding to your urgent delivery needs.

If your business could benefit from:

  • Same day delivery with 60 minute response to your urgent delivery requirements
  • 24/7 delivery with a high level of service out-of-hours
  • Scheduled courier service with a focus on driving efficiencies

Speak to an experienced member of our team about parts delivery by emailing info@crownsds.com or call 0330 333 4400.

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