From tank to van: exploring military-grade logistics solutions with Tim Seagers

The transition from service to civilian life is a story very close to home. This Armed Forces Day, Tim Seagers, Crown SDS Managing Director and Ex Sub-Mariner, shares his mission for supporting ex-Service personnel and implementing military-grade logistics solutions following his seven-year service.

At just 16 years old, our Managing Director, Tim Seagers, joined the Navy, dedicating his time to the Submarine Armed Forces Division. With almost a decade of experience in the military sector, Tim, like many ex-servicemen, made the transition to civilian life and moved away from the frontlines. From his experience learning key military values, such as respect, loyalty, self-discipline, and the importance of streamlining processes, Tim decided to package these learnings into what Crown SDS is today.

Tim’s hard work over the last three decades led to him being awarded the ‘Military to Civilian Award’ in 2021, which recognises his commitment to supporting Service leavers in employment and how he has applied these key military values in logistics.

Speaking on how Crown embraces its military background,Tim shares: “Diligence, efficiency and drive are all values central to the military, but also to those working in the logistics industry. That’s why, drawing from my experience in the military, I aim to inspire Crown SDS teams to apply these values to their everyday working practices.

“And, in the same vein, bringing ex-Service personnel into our teams means that these individuals already possess the skills and attitude needed to succeed in this industry. The transition to civilian life can be difficult, but logistics is a career in which military leavers can thrive, and it’s our mission to help them join our industry.”

In fact, Crown SDS previously attended the British Forces Resettlement Services’ Employment Fair, an opportunity to support ex-Service personnel with advice and guidance on pursuing a career within the logistics industry.

With Crown’s recent growth in the sector, the journey continues and we’re here to support ex-military individuals in becoming drivers as a next career option. In the UK, there has been a reported 50,000 unemployed ex-Service personnel and we’re here to share that life doesn’t need to be on hold after service.

Tim continues: “Having built Crown SDS from just one man, a van and a mobile phone, to a fleet of over 2,000 drivers and creating jobs for 87 loyal team members, this is a testament to how the company has grown whilst staying true to its military roots.”

Armed Forces Day is timely reminder to look back at Crown’s history and how we embody our values to be a leading logistics service whilst ‘giving something back’ to our communities, both locally and beyond.

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