How choosing a sustainable courier service plays a powerful part in your ESG strategy

Sustainability is a central concern for many businesses, with the need for effective ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategies becoming more important than ever. And, for those working in procurement, a large part of that means choosing a supplier that prioritises environmentally conscious operations. This World Environment Day, our Managing Director, Tim Seagers, discusses how we can deliver a sustainable courier solution for your business.

Delivery can be challenging for many environmentally conscious companies, with government research showing that transport is responsible for 27% of the UK’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 91% of that is caused by road vehicles such as vans and HGVs. Moreover, 2021 projections based on the ITF’s International Freight show that transport emissions are set to rise by a factor of 3.9 by 2050. This will mean that the current 2,108 million tonnes (Mt) could rise to 8,131 Mt — which would drastically undermine worldwide climate and environmental goals. Therefore, the importance of reducing emissions and implementing environmentally friendly measures has never been more prominent.

Our Managing Director, Tim Seagers,has addressed the environmental concerns clouding the logistics sector, stating that:

“As a responsible courier service, we understand the importance of implementing solutions and technologies that enable greener deliveries for our customers and partners. It’s something that not only improves a company’s external reputation, but it’s fast becoming a contractual requirement to have a sustainable courier provider. From optimised routing and reducing vacant capacity, there are many ways in which Crown SDS is working to improve the efficiency of every mile.

“And whilst the courier industry as a whole is determined to make operations greener, the technology of zero-emission vehicles hasn’t always been able to support courier work effectively — especially when it comes to larger vehicles. However, this is something that we’re keen to explore in the near future, so watch this space.”

Here are a few things that you can expect from a sustainable courier service:

Effective last-mile solutions

The ‘last mile’ is the most complicated part of the delivery process. Research by Accenture states that it accounts for 53% of the total cost of shipping and 41% of the total cost of the supply chain. The World Economic Forum has reported that by 2030, the demand for urban last-mile delivery is expected to grow by 78%, leading to 36% more delivery vehicles needed in the top 100 cities across the globe. They stated this would amount to a 32% increase in carbon emissions worldwide. We have significantly improved efficiencies and overcome the challenges of operations in the ‘last-mile’ through optimised route planning, smarter tracking, and integration of technology.

Greener routes and optimisation

As a national courier service, we have over 2,000 vehicles on the road, making over 9,000 delivery drops every week across the UK. We use dynamic route planning optimisation, to maximise the efficiency of every mile travelled by a Crown SDS vehicle. This cuts down on drivers’ travel times, produces fewer emissions, and reduces the time in between deliveries. This ensures a smoother process and helps us to streamline our delivery routes and enhance communication between drivers and recipients.

And in order to optimise every mile, we look for backloading opportunities to ensure our vehicles are never travelling a route with vacant capacity.

Warehouse consolidation and distribution

Warehouse consolidation works by making delivery operations simpler. They enable us to deliver goods in one single transportation shipment, rather than businesses carrying out multiple small deliveries.

For businesses using Crown SDS, this can save you precious time and increase the efficiency of warehouse operations. It also reduces unwanted and unnecessary errors with products becoming easier to distribute. Not only is one long trip more fuel-efficient than several short journeys, but it significantly reduces costs and carbon footprint.

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With climate change an ever-growing concern, we are continually investing in our ESG strategies and aspire to be a green courier wherever possible. We value efficiency, technology, and optimisation in order to provide the very best and most sustainable service that we can.

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