Which Car Parts Are Not Suitable to Send by Courier?

Which Car Parts Are Not Suitable to Send by Courier?

The automotive industry is often considered as one of the most important global industries, with products imported and exported around the world. The industry is made up of a combination of small companies and national OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that manufacture motor vehicles, parts and components.

As an automotive car parts courier, we specialise in distributing car parts, tyres and alloys, and vehicle components (which includes anything from lightbulbs to exhausts and even body panels) to dealerships and independent garages across the UK. No matter what size or shape your car part, our wide range of vehicles will ensure safe and secure delivery across the UK.

Some of the car parts regularly shipped by car part courier services include wiper blades, car batteries, grilles, hubcaps, tyres, alloys and wheels. Of course, with any courier service, there are restrictions on what can and can’t be sent through courier.

The main restrictions typically relate to parts which can be deemed as dangerous goods and mostly apply to anything which may leak or spill during transit; causing a hazard such as fire, explosion or environmental damage. Particularly parts containing fuel or brake fluid.

As with any engine or engine parts you send through a courier service, before transportation, you’ll need to make sure that all liquids are thoroughly drained.

In this article, we take a look at which car parts are not suitable to send by a regular courier service, and which car parts we commonly send to and from car manufacturers and dealerships.

Car Parts Unsuitable to Send by Courier
Engine Oils

Engine oil is considered a hazardous liquid and, as most courier services have restrictions on flammable liquids, you may struggle to find a car part courier who will be able to collect or deliver for you. 


As petrol is a highly toxic and explosive liquid, petrol is forbidden from being sent through a standard courier service. This also applies to any engine parts containing petrol or other flammable liquids, such as which should be drained well before sending with a same day courier service.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is highly flammable, toxic and corrosive, which is why it’s a restricted item unsuitable to be sent by a regular courier service. If a package containing brake fluid begins to leak, it can cause harmful effects. It should be kept away from fires, electrical outlets and the skin. Those who come into contact with brake fluid are advised to wear gloves.

Engine Parts

Most courier services are likely to have engine parts on their restrictions. It’s critical that any engine part sent by courier is free of any petrol or engine oils, otherwise, it may be refused. This means that all engine parts should be thoroughly drained and completely dry and clean before it is packaged up.

As petrol and engine oil are hazardous and flammable, it could pose a potentially dangerous risk to others if it leaks through a package.

Whilst the above list of restricted items are unlikely to be accepted for delivery by a regular courier service, Crown SDS has experience in handling restricted items including but not limited to oil drums, batteries and other ADR dangerous goods. Our drivers undertake appropriate training and awareness courses before handing such goods. We can also provide fire extinguishers, spill kits and protective wear to our drivers.

Car Parts You Can Send by Crown SDS

As a car parts courier service, here are the following car parts which we do allow to be sent:

  • Tyres
  • Alloys and Rims
  • Bulbs
  • Exhausts
  • Windows
  • Door panels
  • Car doors
  • Engine components
  • Other larger components

For larger vehicle components, we collect and deliver to car manufacturers and car dealerships. This includes windows, door panels, bumpers and bonnets, radiators and even gearboxes which receive the utmost care for safe transportation across the UK. Even for the larger components, such as delivery of truck parts, we always have a suitable sized van for the collection and delivery and can even arrange two man delivery or source heavy haulage vehicles.

Packaging Guidelines

Packaging is one of the crucial parts of sending and delivering car parts safely and securely. The automotive industry is in constant demand of specific components and parts and as such, some components may require specialised packaging solutions. The packaging is also closely linked to the companies environment objectives, where the focus may surround optimising transport and reducing unnecessary packaging. 

Get in touch with us

Our reliable automotive courier service is tried and trusted by the automotive and manufacturing industry. We specialise in distributing car parts, tyres, alloys and vehicle components (which includes anything from lightbulbs to exhausts) to dealerships and manufacturers across the UK.

Our experienced account managers specialise in finding the most efficient automotive aftermarket solution for businesses: from route planning and scheduling to on-site coordination. No matter what size or shape your car part, our wide range of vehicles will ensure safe and secure delivery across the UK. From exhausts and engines to bumpers and bonnets.

If you’d like to find out more about our automotive courier service, please get in touch with us.

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