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Improve Community Care with a Pharmacy Courier Service

With Winter in full-swing, there’s never been a better time for community pharmacies to adopt a same-day delivery model that caters to patients in their local area. 

Dark nights, treacherous weather and all the usual winter bugs, coupled with the added fear of catching COVID, can make a simple trip to the local pharmacy a mammoth task, particularly for the most vulnerable and elderly of patients.

Pharmacy courier services are the missing piece of the puzzle, ready to support community pharmacies in delivering the same high-level of service as they offer over-the-counter.


Changing Landscape of Deliveries

In recent years, the Amazon-effect has dramatically changed the landscape of home deliveries, with the pandemic only exacerbating the speed in which the delivery experience has evolved.

And now, with Amazon pharmacy on the horizon in the UK, following its US acquisition of PillPack, it’s now or never for community pharmacies to take a stand and find a way to compete amid changing times.

What gives community pharmacies the edge over the exclusively online model, is that local people can retain their relationship with their local pharmacist. Need advice on medication and you can pop-in and receive face-to-face or telephone support.

But what is currently missing is the convenience of delivery that you can get when ordering a pizza, your online groceries or pretty much anything – other than your urgent medication.

But with a pharmacy courier solution, that could all change.

Replicating The ‘Convenience Model’

It’s entirely possible to have almost anything delivered to your home the very same-day, thanks to the digital transformation of recent years – groceries, gifts and fast food, convenience is key!

And yet, for most patients, getting hold of their pills and prescriptions almost always requires a trip to the local pharmacy – not always the easiest nor the desired option, with a continued fear around social distancing.

But there’s a perfectly logical solution already on the horizon.

Local pharmacies already have all the right facets in place to be able to replicate a speedy home delivery service across the UK – with their presence in most communities and a fundamental knowledge of their own customers.

Of course, delivering to customers homes comes with its own challenges. But when community pharmacies team up with a capable courier service –  it places the offering of home delivery perfectly within grasp.

An Online Future Holds The Key To Growth

Community pharmacies have so much still to offer. By organizing their offering in preparation for an online future, they gain accessibility to a completely new audience whilst delivering more for their existing customers – driving growth!

At Crown SDS, our track record in clinical homecare makes us an excellent partner for strategizing a pharmacy courier solution.

We’ve all experienced a poor standard of service associated with parcel delivery, having all been the recipient of a ‘sorry you were out’ or chasing around the neighbourhood after a misdelivered parcel.

But with a dedicated sameday courier service from Crown SDS – you get added layers of protection that are required for the superior doorstep service demanded of medical delivery:

  • Delivery to a named recipient
  • Dedicated service to eliminate ‘mix-ups’
  • Complete visibility of vehicle on route
  • Online paper trail including POD’s

Supporting The Community Pharmacy

The valued skills and experience of local pharmacies are such that we hope to see the community pharmacy thrive for many years to come.

Looking for a courier solution for a community pharmacy? – reach out to our experienced team to discuss a same day courier service for your pharmacy incorporating:

  • Technology-driven efficiency including optimised route planning and live tracking
  • Security-cleared drivers carrying identification
  • Local service offered in all regions across the UK
  • Complete visibility and real-time communications
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