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Specialist Logistics Solutions

Crown SDS provide a right-sized solution to 3PL logistics providers who need vans to support their operation.

In this case, we worked with an international 3PL to deliver logistics solutions for a big-brand homewares and fashion retailer.

Our solutions are designed to meet our customers particular requirements, from bespoke reporting to the development and implementation of new software.

With an integrated approach, we operate as an extension of any business to support their customer’s needs.

The Challenge

The customer approached Crown SDS to supply vans in order to improve the efficiency of collections from vendors, currently undertaken by heavy haulage vehicles.

The existing pallet network solution was extremely inefficient, as it resulted in vacant capacity on most of its collection vehicles, due to the small scale of each supplier consignment.

Additionally, having a complete record and accurate of the movement of goods was critical for our logistics customer, who was facing difficulties with the provision of documentation. They were required to account for the whereabouts of stock transported between vendor and store on behalf of their client – a large fashion and homeware retailer. Without the presentation of important documents such as POD’s, a shipment wouldn’t be accounted for, ultimately resulting in non-payment for their service.

The Solution

At Crown SDS, we create bespoke logistics solutions. 

Whilst most courier services expect their customers to adopt an existing, ‘ready-made’ solution, our business flexes to meet the needs of its customers.

Through our nationwide van capabilities, we devised a logistics solution whereby vans would replace the current heavy haulage usage. This increased the efficiency of each collection and also extended the collection window which had previously been extremely rigid.

Collections are then transported and received into our central warehouse facility and consolidated into larger consignments, ready for collection by larger vehicles for onward transport to retail stores. All collections and deliveries are managed by our dedicated, in-house team, who provide full-reporting to the customer’s bespoke requirements.

To resolve the documentation issue, we worked with the customer to develop and implement a ‘sign on glass’ solution. This eliminated the requirement for physical documentation by ensuring a fully visible digital chain of custody for the goods. Manufactured to their specific requirements, our customer was able to access a full data trail for all collections and deliveries.


Discover a bespoke logistics and distribution solution with Crown SDS.

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