Award-Winning Automotive Solution

Crown SDS worked in partnership with a 3PL provider, to create a car parts delivery solution for its customer.

The result, an award-winning solution for the Northampton-based automotive customer.

We have a dedicated automotive team that co-ordinate same day car parts deliveries from depot to dealerships in Northampton but also for other UK branches from Enfield to Grimsby and Norwich out to Hereford.

Having a fleet of over 20 vehicles local to Northampton means we select the right sized van for the job. Orders are placed via a secure online booking system and vehicles are allocated using optimised route planning software, co-ordinating the most efficient route to create time and cost savings.

As part of a bespoke delivery solution, we developed and implemented scanning software to ensure items were traceable from the point of collection to delivery, allowing our customer to follow the progress of their delivery in real time.

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