How a Courier Service Can Make Your Business Greener

World Environmental Health Day addresses all physical, chemical and biological factors relating to climate change as it aims to raise awareness of the impact of our carbon footprint on the environment.

With World Environmental Health Day fast approaching on the 26th of September, the awareness day encourages businesses to shed light on their own ways to reduce their emissions and possible ways to take action on making their business greener.

As a green courier service, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of every mile travelled by our fleet. Not only do we aim to reduce our own carbon footprint, but we also support our customers in reducing theirs through technology-driven operations, warehouse consolidation and distribution, efficient route planning optimisation and much more.

Efficient Route Planning Optimisation

As a national courier service, we have over 2,000 vehicles on the road, making over 9,000 delivery drops every week across the UK. Using dynamic route planning optimisation, we maximise the efficiency of every mile travelled by a Crown SDS vehicle. 

Regular braking and rapid acceleration is a key cause of poor fuel economy, which is why traffic can have a knock-on effect of carbon footprint and higher pollution rates. While traffic is most often unavoidable, optimising routes to avoid heavily congested areas can reduce the need for regular stopping and starting that inevitably uses more fuel.

Scheduling routes more effectively means that less fuel can be used when carrying out each journey, reducing the carbon footprint but also creating more cost-effective deliveries for our customers – reducing emissions and improving the bottom line without compromising service

Multi-Drop Deliveries & Backloading

As frequent small and regular journeys use the most fuel, we aim to use multi-drop deliveries where most possible so that multiple parcels can be delivered in one journey. Offering multi-drop deliveries helps to reduce costs and makes for greener logistics.

While we do solely specialise in providing a same-day courier service, we also provide other courier services if your consignment isn’t as urgent and means that we are able to combine your other shipments at the same time using multi-drop deliveries. 

And in order to optimise every mile, we also look for backloading opportunities to ensure our vehicles are never travelling with vacant capacity.

Warehouse Consolidation and Distribution

Warehouse consolidation and distribution works by sourcing shipments from suppliers within a nearby geographical area, that can then be consolidated to create larger, more economical shipments for delivery. Warehouse consolidation combines the logistical flow of multiple smaller shipments as it drives significant reductions in costs and reduces operational footprint. 

The overall idea of warehouse consolidation is that operations are simplified and enables us to deliver goods in one single transportation shipment rather than businesses carrying out multiple small deliveries. One long trip is more fuel-efficient than several short journeys!

For businesses using Crown SDS, this can save you precious time and increase the efficiency of warehouse operations, therefore cutting costs and reducing unwanted and unnecessary errors with products becoming easier to distribute. 

Products can be sourced much more quickly for when they are needed most and it also provides a wider operational window for collections, therefore supporting the just-in-time movement of goods.

The greatest benefits of warehouse consolidation include improved customer service, faster turnaround times, cutting operational footprint and even creating opportunities to reduce costs.

Technology-Driven Operations

One small but significant step we have taken to become more eco friendly, is to reduce the need for unnecessary paperwork. We use e-billing to eliminate paper waste and to use far fewer material resources than paper-based billing does. This also benefits businesses we support by making payments easier, faster and more secure than ever before.

As well as e-billing, we use Electronic POD (proof of delivery) systems so that you’ll be able to know when your item has been collected by our drivers or delivered to its end destination. Electronic POD systems reduce the need for paperwork as recipients no longer need to sign masses of paperwork, but it also means that all parties can instantly view the signature from any location and have peace of mind that the parcel has arrived on-time.

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Through warehouse consolidation and technology-driven operations, our supply chain solutions have created cost efficiencies for our customers, whilst providing their vendors with wider collection windows and enhanced stock delivery options. 

With climate change an ever-growing concern, we aim to become a green courier where possible. We also use the most efficient size of vehicle needed for the job, with our fleet covering small vans through to XLWB vans.

Our national warehouse is equipped with the latest modern technology (including a labelling system and barcode scanners) to enable us to integrate our service better with our customers and provide a paperless system.

If you’d like to find out more about environmentally-friendly deliveries, please get in touch with us.

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